Featured Event

Would you like to boost the possibility or your event being seen earlier by more people?

By taking out a Featured Event, your event will appear first-up in the weekly email with the highlighted background as shown (click for larger image):



It's particularly helpful for events occuring beyond the timeframe of the current email.

The fee for a Featured Event listing is $30 per appearance.

After submitting your event, please send an email to info@wiseworld.com.au and specify which week you would like your event to be featured. You may specify any week(s) regardless of when your event is due. There will be a maximum of 3 featured events each week.


Payment methods:


Click the button below to pay via PayPal or Credit Card. Please enter the correct amount and include the name of your event in your description.



Direct Deposit
Account Name: David Naylor
BSB: 633000 - Bendigo Bank
Account No: 160058004
Please send a separate email to info@wisworld.com.au stating amount paid and senders details including the name of your event.